Transformation of Literature to Film

The development of literature can continuously change with the times, starting from the period of literature, to the forms and types of literature. This allows literature to develop rapidly and form new periodizations that give birth to new forms and types. Some people think that film is a form of digitizing literary works and some also disagree.
The transformation of literary works into a film is known as ekranisasi. This term comes from French, ecran which means screen. Apart from ekranisasi which states the process of transformation from literary works to film or it can also be called filmization.
Literary art, which is an art that makes language as a medium, can be interpreted as a branch of art in which it contains everything both oral and written that contains elements of beauty, art, imaginative work from a person whose results can be enjoyed by fans or collectors. Therefore, it … Read More

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Films as Part of the Mass Media

Films as part of the mass media in the study of modern communication can be considered to influence the audience. The emergence of this influence is a possibility that depends on the process of negotiating the meaning by the audience on the message of the film and refers to the success of the audience in the process of negotiating the meaning of the message conveyed. If the negotiation of meaning by the audience is weak, the greater the influence of the broadcast will be. Negotiation has the meaning of a transactional process of communication, where communication receives and interprets the meaning of the message received according to its socio-cultural background. Film as a form of mass media has an important role in the socio-cultural, artistic, political, and scientific world. The use of films in community learning is partly based on the consideration that films can attract people’s attention and partly … Read More

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Actress On Spotify

Buschow stated the Ventura County Sheriff’s Division shall be joined by search and rescue groups from neighboring counties and will deploy divers and air models within the morning. Authorities discovered the little boy shortly earlier than 5pm on Wednesday at Lake Piru, Southern California, with sources telling TMZ he mentioned that his mother had “jumped into the water but didn’t come back up”.

Famous actors and actresses of stage and display screen light up the world from Hollywood to Broadway and beyond. Glee actress and singer Naya Rivera is feared lifeless after her four-year-previous son was found on a ship on a lake in Southern California. The lake was closed to the general public Thursday as authorities continued to seek for her. At this time she is lacking in Lake Piru. Television actors typically appear on camera with little time to memorize scripts, and scripts regularly may be revised and … Read More

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